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Our company

At Genea Biomedx, our focus is to develop fertility technologies that automate and standardise to produce consistent results. Genea Biomedx is the medical device organisation part of the fertility group Genea; a company that is dedicated to advancing fertility science and helping their patients build families. The Genea Virtuous Circle is built on continuous innovation and clinical feedback, which underpins best-in-class patient services, revolutionary devices and transportable IPs.



Our global partnership with Merck

Genea Biomedx have an exclusive global collaboration agreement with leading healthcare and life science company Merck. Through this collaboration, both Genea Biomedx and Merck will build on their existing strong fertility heritage to create and deliver innovative solutions to ART clinics and in turn drive better outcomes for patients. The objective of this collaboration is to create a different approach to the fertility community around the world.

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